Giroc Neighbourhood
Casa Tineretului
The Youth House

The Youth (Tineretului) House was built between 1972-1978 in a post-war modern style, according to the project of the architects Haralambie Cocheci and Ivan Stern.

Arta contemporană – Sculptura
Contemporary art - Sculpture

The sculpture "Deschidere" (Opening) was erected in 1991, by inscribing the names of the 43 people who died and incinerated in the crematorium in Bucharest.

Civilizație urbană comunistă
Communist urban civilization

Located in the southern part of Timișoara, Liviu Rebreanu boulevard delimits the old part of the city from the area with many apartment buildings built during the socialist period.

Spitalul Clinic Județean de Urgență ”Pius Brînzeu”
"Pius Brînzeu" County Emergency Clinical Hospital

The new building of the County Clinical Hospital was constructed between 1970 and 1974, according to the plans of architect Nicolae Dancu.

Calea Martirilor și Revoluția din 1989
Calea Martirilor Street and the Revolution of 1989

Calea Martirilor in Timișoara represents an important place in the collective memory of the Revolution of December 1989.

Fundația Triade / Muzeul Jecza – despre Grupul Sigma
Triade Foundation/Jecza Museum - about Sigma Group

The Interart TRIADE Foundation was founded in 2000

Parcul de sculptură Triade – despre sculptură
Triade Sculpture Park - about sculpture

The Triade Foundation started the "Sculpture Nursery" project in 2003, through which Romanian and international artists are represented with important works for the field of sculpture.

Platforme industriale din Timișoara socialistă – Fabrici și Uzine
Industrial platforms from the communist period - factories and plants in Timișoara

The major industrial platforms, which were energy and raw material consumers, were U.M.T., Victoria Guban, A.E.M., Electrotimis, the Detergent Factory, the Sugar Factory, and Solventul.