Spotlight Heritage Timisoara
Elisabetin Neighbourhood - A world in a chest

Exhibition 2020

Spotlight Heritage Timisoara Elisabetin Neighbourhood and Netti Dr. Diel - A world in a chest, November 13, 2020 - January 31, 2021

The year 2020 has as its theme Tactile and virtually invites you to relive again the atmosphere of the Elisabetin neighbourhood with us through:

The exhibition in the attic of the Theresia Bastion “Spotlight Heritage. Elisabetin neighbourhood and Netti Dr. Diel - A world in a chest " where you rediscover the atmosphere of the Elisabetin neighbourhood from home, through the world of Netti Diel! We invite you to take a virtual seat at "Netti Diel's table" and meet the characters invited to a festive dinner in the 19th century, as well as the protagonists of the cultural life of Elisabetin in a multicultural world, transposed into virtual and illustrated by a series of exhibits from the "Belle Époque" and interwar period, illustrating the public and intimate daily life in old Timișoara.

Invitation to the opening - Elisabetin neighborhood and Netti Dr. Diel Neighborhood - A world in a chest

Diel family living room

Netti Diel's chest

Diel family porcelain service

Dinner hosted by the Dr. Diel Family

Vase with two Putti

Wilma Traxel Tailoring Workshop

Bust of Carla Diel

Balcescu's intervention

Cellar intervention

Intervention Maria

SH 2020 Mobile and AR Application

The street exhibition in Elisabetin neighbourhood, with the information panels located in 16 emblematic locations in the Elisabetin neighborhood.

The sections dedicated to the Elisabetin neighbourhood within the web page  with information about 16 stations in the Elisabetin neighborhood, accompanied by pictures and video images, both current and old (Landmarks section) and fragments from the manuscript ”Jurnal de familie” by Prof. Dr. Pia Brînzeu (Memories section) which illustrates the daily life of the Elisabetin neighbourhood, Netti Diel, the wife of Dr. Ludwig Diel - the central character of the memories about old Timișoara

Spotlight Heritage digital, mobile and augmented reality applications  - available to both Android and Apple users - that will identify the 16 locations in Elisabetin neighbourhood, presented in several ways: text with location information and Netti Diel's memories from each emblematic point, written in text form and narrated in an audio clip by Prof. Dr. Pia Brânzeu, a gallery of images - both current and old images, videos and 360 degree images from each location, so anyone can create the feeling of being inside the building or in front of the building. In addition, once you are near the Elisabetin neighbourhood and in front of a building, the Augmented Reality (AR) function will recognize the building and provide you with information about it. By pointing the phone at the building, you can see the old building's overlapping facade over the current one.