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Spotlight Heritage Timisoara
Fabric Neighborhood - Worlds in Destinies

Exhibition 2021

Spotlight Heritage Timisoara Fabric Neighbourhood - Worlds beyond destinies, July 15, 2021 - September 30, 2021

The year 2021 has as its theme Sight  - and brings under the spotlight the economic dimension of the old Timișoara, through the neighborhood of guilds and craftsmen, the petty bourgeoisie, factories and workers concentrated in a multiethnic and multicultural world in the Fabric neighbourhoodThe voices that shape these worlds and destinies will come to life this year to recreate the atmosphere of the Fabric neighbourhood through a collaboration with prof. Univ. Dr. Smaranda Vultur and the Group of Oral History and Cultural Anthropology, coordinated by her.

Fabric Neighbourhood presentation trailer

Fabric Neighborhood Presentation

Bastion and Stradala exhibitions

The street exhibition in the Fabric neighbourhoodwith information panels located in 16 iconic locations in the Fabric neighbourhood.

The sections dedicated to the Fabric neighbourhood within the web page  - with information about 23 stations in the Fabric neighbourhood , accompanied by pictures and video images, both current and old (Landmarks section) and excerpts from personal stories of the inhabitants interviewed by the team coordinated by prof.univ.dr. Smaranda Vultur, coordinator of the Oral History and Cultural Anthropology Group, since 1998, selected to provide a historical, social and cultural background.

Spotlight Heritage digital, mobile and augmented reality applications  - available to both Android and Apple users - that will identify the 23 locations in the Fabric neighbourhood, presented in several ways: text with information about the location and the memories of former residents of each iconic point, written in text form, a gallery of images – both current and old, video clips and 360-degree images of each location, so that anyone can create the feeling of being inside the building or in front of it. Additionally, once you're around the Fabric neighbourhood and in front of a building, the Augmented Reality (AR) function will recognize the building and provide you with information about it. By pointing the phone at the building, you can see the old building's overlapping facade over the current one.