Inspired by history, we reveal Timișoara's digital stories, stimulate the interest of locals and tourists to see, hear and feel Timișoara's past, to co-create its future through the virtual overlap of intangible heritage, the passion that unites the participating generations of cultural heritage.

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The open, participatory mobile application contains:

  • Landmarks - data and information of cultural and historical heritage, geographically mapped, photos and films, with recognition of buildings by augmented reality, 360 images.
  • Memories – fragmente din romanul Valeria dr. Pintea (autoare: Liana Maria Gomboșiu, Timișoara, Editura Marineasa, 2013) selectate de Marius Cornea și oferite de autoare prin cesiunea drepturilor de folosire a acestora. Fotografii, documente, obiecte din colecția Liana Maria Gomboșiu – pentru cartierul Iosefin; fragmente din manuscrisul „Jurnal de familie” al prof. dr. Pia Brânzeu selectate de Marius Cornea și oferite de autoare prin cesiunea drepturilor de folosire a acestora. Fotografii, documente, obiecte din colecția prof. dr. Pia Brânzeu – pentru cartierul Elisabetin
  • Community Information from the history of neighborhoods, communities, ethnicities, organizations that were or are present in the neighborhood
  • Your Story Users can add their own personal stories, comments, photos, videos
  • Events - events from exhibitions, guided tours offered with high school teenagers.

The National Museum Of Banat organizes  the exhibit “Spotlight Heritage. Iosefin neighborhood and Valeria dr. Pintea - a novel in an exhibit”November 8, 2019 - January 31, 2020.

The National Museum Of Banat organizes  Expoziția ”Patrimoniul sub reflectoare. Cartierul Elisabetin și Netti dr. Diel – o lume într-un cufăr”,  13 Noiembrie 2020 –  31 ianuarie 2021

The mobile and augmented reality application is accessible on an interactive table and tablets within the exhibition at the National Museum of Banat and in the Technical Museum of the Polytechnic University of Timisoara.

The exhibit in Iosefin neighborhood is placed in 16 landmarks plus the Lloyd Palace and the Theresia Bastion, with personal stories.

Expoziția în cartierul Elisabetin este localizată în cele 16 repere și Bastionul Theresia, cu poveștile personale.

Navigating through augmented reality: 1. Situated in a certain location, you open the AR section. 2. You open the photo-video camera and in a corner of the screen, you see a pictogram with the facade of the building which the phone can recognize (to understand how to position yourself to the building). 3. Scanning that facade, you see an image of the old building overlayed on the one in front of you. In the map mode, with all the stations, you can change on AR mode, and you will see the stations around you and the distance to them.

Aplicația este Spotlight Timișoara AR este disponibilă aici: