Worlds beyond Destinies
Fabric Neighbourhood
Decebal Bridge

We turned into Ofcea Street and shouted to those who were on the balconies "Romanians, come with us!", ....

Queen Mary Park (former Coronini Park)

Since 1919, however, my family lived in Timisoara on the third floor of a building then called .....

A row of tenement houses on 3 August 1919 Boulevard

July 4, 1937. The mother is seventeen years old. She is preparing to go to Innsbruck to spend the holidays with her grandmother. She packs ...

The Status Quo Synagogue

I was born in Ceica 83 years ago, in January 1917. It was a Romanian village,...

Roman Catholic Church Milenium

At Christmas time, I remember on Christmas Eve the boys used to make themselves a portable Bethlehem, i.e. ....

The Power Plant

How can I say, I went to primary school where Jean Louis Calderon School is now, there was the Normal School of...

The Ștefania Palace and The Roman Square

Between the two wars in Timisoara, as I recall, especially in the 1920s and early 1930s at many ....

The Traian Square

I was three years old when the "Excelsior" Azur factory, varnishes and paintswhere my father was a shareholder. (...)

The Serbian Orthodox Church

The Serbs had a strong community in Timisoara, with three churches, and each church had a choir

The Kovács Pharmacy

From Traian Square towards Bega (Dacilor Street, Hay Market): clothes shop Schönbrunn, clothes shop Musafia

The Tram Depot and the Corneliu Mikloși Museum

Corneliu Miklosy lived in Timișoara. He was from Covăsânț, near Arad. His name was Hungarianized.

East Railway Station

So you met Avram Imbroane. Sure. He was a smart man. He was one of the elite of the region. They were all one...

Upper Bourgeoisie

All my other siblings were born in another country - it is said - that Romania was not yet Great. My eldest was born in Munich,

Fabrics - Faber

About Azur factory.. I was born on April 8, 1930 to Manojlovic Milutin and Manojlovic Zagorca,

The Mihai Viteazul Bridge

We soon reach a place called Ciukur's Gorge. But that Ciukur was not Ciukur.

The Hydroelectric Power Station

Very nice was beyond the Bega Power Plant, in the Fabric part, at the end. There was a small power plant with a waterfall,

Workers in Kuncz

The Hungarian House came into being from a group of exceptional people: there was the then chairman of the Hungarian party, there was Dr. Kakuk

The Romanian Orthodox Church

We moved to Timișoara in '25. It was a vacant parish in Fabric. That was then the cathedral of Timișoara, it was the only one when

Factories in Fabric

Now from my father's side: my father studied economics in Chernivtsi and, being Jewish, he was very much oppressed.

The Greek Catholic Church

Here is the small Greek Catholic church in Fabric, where the fire brigade used to be. There's a square there, there's a Greek Catholic church. Always has been.

The Brewery

What was The Brewery like? I’ve also been down into the cellars. It’s cold (laughs) and the barrels go all the way up, I don't even know how high they are,

The Slaughterhouse

Which were the most important factories in the city? There was Tehnometal, formerly Bozsák, to which it belonged before nationalisation.

Fabric schools

At the end of 8th grade I was happy to get away from Lipova with all its rural burgadish attractions.