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Parallel Worlds
Giroc Neighbourhood

We turned into Ofcea Street and shouted to those who were on the balconies "Romanians, come with us!", ....

Contemporary Art - Sculpture

The street before the steel leads to other such narrow, shady streets with tall buildings,...

Communist urban civilization

I’m waiting

for a table to open up

I’d have a drink

It’s hot I’m thirsty

County Clinical Hospital Emergency Pius Brînzeu
Calea Martirilor Street and the Revolution of 1989

a child is writing away

finger in the air

line after line

Triad Foundation
/ Jecza Museum

I walk back to the house, turning around on the Beghei side, along the alleys, with my eyes on Huniade's red castle


Sculpture park

"And again houses. Leprous or more sprung, mixed together haphazardly. All the way to the centre.

Industrial platforms from socialist Timișoara

Robert Șerban


is the jeans pocket

Dan Paltinisanu Stadium

Robert Șerban

to read books from the Academy Library

you have to be a very strong person

Soarelui neighborhood,
dormitory district, schools

Robert Șerban

I go inside the synagogue

for inspiration