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Spotlight Heritage Timisoara
Cetate Neighbourhood -
A world in a mirror

Exhibition 2022

Cetate Neighborhood presentation trailer

Overview Opening of the Cetate neighbourhood

Clip Heritage objects and Old images

Museum exhibition Spotlight Heritage Timișoara in the National Museum of Banat JULY 5 – SEPTEMBER 11, 2022

The exhibits that represent the history and literature of the Cetate neighbourhood, illustrating Timișoara in the second half of the 19th century, as well as the interactive table, are exhibited at the National Museum of Banat - Maria Theresia Bastion (Martin Luther street no. 4), and can be visited until September 11, 2022.

Street exhibition Spotlight Heritage Timișoara in the Cetate (Center) area – JULY 5 — OCTOBER 31, 2022

Spotlight Heritage Timișoara informative panels, located in the 18 emblematic locations of the neighbourhood, await you in the street exhibition, available until October 31, 2022.



The year 2022 puts the spotlight on the literature and poetry that celebrate Timișoara, doubled by illustrating the allegory of the olfactory sense by capitalizing on the urban myth of the city of roses, which recreates the atmosphere of the Cetate neighbourhood from now and before - an atmosphere that is also transposed virtually, with the help of the latest technologies available. The selection of literary texts collected by prof. univ. dr. Smaranda Vultur and assistant univ. dr. Roxana Rogobete, the memories from the oral history of Timisoara capitalized by the Group of Oral History and Cultural Anthropology are combined with the original poems, created for Spotlight Heritage Timisoara, by the well-known Timisoara poet Robert Șerban.

The 24 stations of the Cetate neighbourhood and the stories associated with them, with the details of history and the memories of the inhabitants can also be accessed online, at, where you can discover Timișoara from now and from the past, through information in the form of text, photo images, 360 video and audio clips and mobile and virtual reality applications can be downloaded for a truly immersive experience enhanced by AR technology.

Station by station to the same destination

The possibilities that the digital world offers us, allow us to "defy" the boundaries of time and explore the culture and heritage of our city, through means that captivate our senses. This year, the Spotlight Heritage Timișoara project offers us exactly this - by highlighting the Cetate neighbourhood - A world in the mirror, with the sense of smell, dedicated to literature, innovation and the scent of roses!

And by walking the trails and buildings as places where stories were built, we connect with people from the present, but also from the past, and reinvigorate our civic consciousness. During this period, Timișoara is taking important steps towards collective awareness of the need for culture, supporting all actors in the city life, regardless of their role, to rediscover aspects of their life in this town.

Spotlight Heritage digital, mobile and augmented reality applications  – available for both Android and Apple users – that will identify the 24 locations in the Cetate Neighbourhood, presented in several ways: text with information about the location and the memories of former residents of each iconic point, written in text form, a gallery of images – both current and old, video clips and 360-degree images of each location, so that anyone can create the feeling of being inside the building or in front of it. Additionally, once you're around the Cetate neighbourhood and in front of a building, the Augmented Reality (AR) function will recognize the building and provide you with information about it. By pointing the phone at the building, you can see the old building's overlapping facade over the current one.