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Spotlight Heritage Timisoara NFTs (non-fungible tokens) - a unique way to appreciate and preserve Timisoara's cultural heritage in the digital world

In 2023, the year in which Timisoara was European Capital of Culture, the Polytechnic University of Timisoara, through the Heritage in the Spotlight project...

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XR Show Heritage in the spotlight Timisoara - the event that presented the people, culture and heritage of Timisoara through technical and digital innovations

A truly fascinating weekend full of physics and chemistry experiments, digital technology demonstrations and presentations...

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Heritage in the Spotlight - Women of the Future - A glorious end to 2023, celebrating innovation and female excellence at Politehnica University Timisoara

On Sunday, 10 December, with a performance of theatre, music and dance, which brought to the fore the technical innovations that have marked...

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Monumentul Sf. Maria din piata Sf. Maria
Biserica Reformata din str. Timotei Cipariu
Șirul palatelor din piata Mocioni
Casele de raport din piata Plevnei / parcul Ghe. Doja
Biserica ortodoxă din Elisabetin
Biserica Romano-Catolică „Preasfânta Inimă a lui Isus”
Casa arhitectului László Székely
Casa familiei Mühle
Sanatoriul Bănățean
Casa Ormos Zsigmond
Localul Sari Neni
Cantina Politehnicii
Spotlight Heritage reveals, by digital storytelling, Timisoara through stories of cultural and historical heritage, of technical development, of communities and neighborhoods, interwoven with the personal stories of the inhabitants of yesterday and today.
Spotlight Heritage is a digital cultural initiative of the Politehnica University of Timișoara realized in partnership with the National Museum of Banat and with the Timișoara Association 2021 European Capital of Culture.
involves the population of Timișoara and its visitors in a complex real - virtual world that combines the old history of Timișoara, presented as a digital story, through a website and a mobile application, and the museographic exhibition at the headquarters of the National Museum of Banat but also in public places.
"Landmarks" contains data and information of cultural and historical heritage, geographically mapped, photos and films, with recognition of buildings by augmented reality, 360 images
"Landmarks" contains data and information of cultural and historical heritage, geographically mapped, photos and films, with recognition of buildings by augmented reality, 360 images
Excerpts from the novel Valeria dr. Pintea (author: Liana Maria Gomboșiu, Timișoara, Marineasa Publishing House, 2013), offered by the author and images from the archives
Information from the history of neighborhoods, communities, ethnicities, organizations that were or are present in the neighborhood
Your Story
Users can add their own personal stories, comments, photos, videos
Giroc Neighborhood - Parallels world
Year 2023 - sense of taste. Excerpts from the Family Diary by Sorina Jecza, visual impressions and information from socialist Timișoara and the Revolution of '89.
The life of the Giroc neighbourhood in Timișoara is complexly illustrated in a metaphor of mirroring the real world through contemporary art, a family diary by Dr. Sorina Jecza Ianovici and introspection on the communist industrialization and the 1989 Revolution through selections provided by the Museum of the 1989 Revolution, images by Constantin Duma.
The Taste Sense will be present through chemical taste reproduction experiments, transposing into the material world the taste of coffee, chocolate and wine, the chosen tastes for 2023.
Cetate Neighbourhood - A world in the mirror
The year 2022 puts the spotlight on the literature and poetry that celebrate Timișoara, doubled by illustrating the allegory of the olfactory sense by capitalizing on the urban myth of the city of roses, which recreates the atmosphere of the Cetate from now and before - an atmosphere that is also transposed virtually, with the help of the latest technologies available. The selection of literary texts collected by prof. univ. dr. Smaranda Vultur and assistant univ. dr. Roxana Rogobete, the memories from the oral history of Timisoara capitalized by the Group of Oral History and Cultural Anthropology are combined with the original poems, created for Spotlight Heritage Timisoara, by the well-known Timisoara poet Robert Șerban.
Fabric Neighbourhood - Worlds beyond destinies
The year 2021 has as its theme Sight - and brings under the spotlight the economic dimension of the old Timișoara, through the neighborhood of guilds and craftsmen, the petty bourgeoisie, factories and workers concentrated in a multiethnic and multicultural world in the Fabric. The voices that shape these worlds and destinies will come to life this year to recreate the atmosphere of the Fabric neighborhood through a collaboration with prof. Univ. Dr. Smaranda Vultur and the Group of Oral History and Cultural Anthropology, coordinated by her.
Elisabetin Neighbourhood - A world in a chest
The year 2020 has as its theme Tactile and virtually invites you to relive again the atmosphere of the Elisabetin neighbourhood with us through:
The exhibition in the attic of the Theresia Bastion "Heritage under the spotlight. The Elisabetin neighbourhood and Netti Dr. Diel - A world in a chest" where you rediscover the atmosphere of the Elisabetin neighbourhood from home, through the world of Netti Diel! We invite you to take a virtual seat at "Netti Diel's table" and meet the characters invited to a festive dinner in the 19th century, as well as the protagonists of the cultural life of Elisabetin in a multicultural world, transposed into virtual and illustrated by a series of exhibits from the "Belle Époque" and interwar period, illustrating the public and intimate daily life in old Timișoara.
Iosefin Neighbourhood and Valeria Pintea
2019 is the year dedicated to the Iosefin neighborhood, through the exhibition opened at Theresia bastion entitled: The Iosefin Neighborhood and Valeria dr. Pintea - a novel in an exhibition. The daily life of the Iosefin neighborhood is illustrated through the stories of Valeria dr. Pintea (1893-1984), born Chirița. Originally from Lugoj, she married the doctor Vasile Pintea in 1913 and became a resident of Iosefin, Valeria is a fine observer of daily life and a good storyteller, her memories of the neighborhood and the people reaching us through her niece’s pen - Liana Maria Gomboșiu, author of the novel Valeria dr. Pintea (Marineasa Publishing House, Timisoara, 2013). Citizen of the Austro-Hungarian Empire, then of Romania, Valeria is above all one of the many inhabitants of Iosefin.


Spotlight Heritage Timișoara / Patrimoniul sub reflectoare is a digital cultural initiative of the Politehnica University of Timișoara, realized in partnership with the National Museum of Banat, part of the Cultural Programme Timișoara 2023 European Capital of Culture. Cultural project co-financed by the Center for Projects of the Municipality of Timișoara, Timiș County Council.