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Digital games and live interaction with the city's cultural heritage at the Spotlight Heritage Timișoara shows

14 December 2023 All day

Spotlight Heritage Timisoara has redefined the cultural experience by introducing digital mobile games to the 4 performances, offering audiences a unique way to discover and connect with Timisoara's cultural heritage.

Each performance was accompanied by a dedicated digital game, designed to bring new perspectives on the history of cultural-linguistic communities in Timisoara. These games, accessible to all audiences, offered an interactive, stimulating and educational experience to all participants who were willing to try them. These games captured the attention of 179 participants who initiated the games, of which 103 answered correctly to questions.

During the events, the audience was invited to interact with the game-like mobile app by answering questions, recognizing characters and stories, and voting for real-time interaction with the actors. This way of active engagement created a unique atmosphere and gave the audience a unique opportunity to be an integral part of the performance.

A special aspect of this initiative was the distribution of Spotlight Heritage Timisoara branded items to participants who correctly answered the game questions, such as mugs, magnets, nets and stickers. These souvenirs became not only tangible memories, but also symbols of each person's commitment to exploring, creating stories and promoting Timisoara's cultural heritage.

Another distinctive element was also the opportunity to communicate directly with the actors and digital content creators, giving those who responded correctly the chance to discuss and connect personally with the people behind these performances and cultural initiatives, thus creating new connections and stories, bathing step by step and with each interaction the stories and history that defines Timișoara as it is - told through people.

Statistics for each show can be found below: 

  • Show 2 May 2023: 85 people started the game, 41 people answered correctly.
  • Show 23 July 2023: 47 people started the game, 29 people answered the game correctly.
  • Show 5 November 2023: 24 people started the game, 16 people answered the game correctly.
  • Show 10 December 2023: 23 people started the game, 17 people answered the game correctly.

These initiatives have been undertaken to help the ongoing decolonisation and to open up new horizons in terms of how the public interacts and learns about Timisoara's cultural heritage. 

The digital components of the project are accessible online at https://spotlight-timisoara.eu/ and via mobile apps that can be downloaded from Android and Apple stores or by searching "Spotlight Heritage Timisoara".

● Apps link for Android users: https://is.gd/SjiIgv 

● Link apps for iOS users: https://is.gd/y6JxeV 

Event information is also available on:

●  Web page:: https://spotlight-timisoara.eu/

●  Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/SpotlightHeritageTimisoara/

●  Twitter: @spotlight_TM21

●  Instagram: @spotlight_tm

Spotlight Heritage Timișoara / Patrimoniul sub reflectoare is a digital cultural initiative of the Politehnica University of Timișoara realized in partnership with the National Museum of Banat, part of the Cultural Programme Timișoara 2023 European Capital of Culture. Cultural project co-financed by the Center for Projects of the Municipality of Timișoara, Timiș County Council, Ministry of Culture, Romania, EEA and Norway Grants.