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The project Patrimonul sub Reflectoare Timișoara/Spotlight Heritage Timișoara presented as an example of good practice at national and international cultural symposia

20 November 2022

On November 17-18 , the International Symposium "Cultural Heritage and Innovation in Contemporary Society" took place which brought together at the Mansarda Gallery, the Faculty of Arts and Design - UVT,  art curators, artists, architects, heritage conservation specialists and other related fields.
Diana Andone, the director of CeL the initiator of Patrimonul sub reflectoare/Spotlight Heritage Timișoara teamwas invited as an event speaker, presenting the "New technologies in Spotlight Heritage and the major impact brought by their use in education and culture for current generations.
Spotlight Heritage Timișoara team was presented as an example of good practice for the integration of technology and artistic education, emphasizing its participatory nature, one of the most important characteristics of the project, whereby the involvement of students and teachers in the creation of digital artifacts occupies a central place in the development of this project, the collaboration of the cultural sectors with the academic sector also having a valuable contribution.
The event is part of the series of events "At UVT, culture is capital!", included in the cultural program Timișoara 2023, European Capital of Culture, its purpose being the exchange of ideas and best practices for the amplification of creativity and innovation in cultural heritage.
On November 18-20, 2022, the Ministry of Education - Romania and the Timis County School Inspectorate organized the 15th edition of the Smart Kids International Symposium.
The 2022 edition took place physically, at the National College C.D. Loga from Timișoara and brought scientific communication sessions on "Education and New IT Technologies in the Euroregion". Dr. Eng. Diana Andone participated in this event for the fourth time as a guest speaker.
Among the many initiatives and projects that can shape the education of the future, as well as practical examples of small VR demonstrations for pre-university education presented, Dr. Diana Andone spoke to those present about the project Patrimoniul sub Reflectoare Timișoare/Spotlight Heritage Timișoara team.
The initiator of Spotlight Heritage Timișoara team explained to the audience present how this digital culture project demonstrated how local cultural heritage can be explored and enriched through international collaboration and how the development of digital storytelling can be used for educational purposes as a project-based learning technique in the VR framework, developing future skills for students and/or pupils.

Spotlight Heritage Timișoara is a digital cultural initiative of the Polytechnic University of Timișoara, in partnership with the National Museum of Banat, which overlays the physical heritage in a digital format, by using the latest generation technologies (web, mobile, AR, VR and XR). The project is co-financed by the Municipality of Timișoara, through the Project CenterTimiș County Council and is part of the series of projects dedicated to the cultural program - Timișoara European Cultural Capital 2023.


20 November 2022
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