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Spotlight Heritage Timisoara - International Festival of Digital Culture with XR demonstrations at European Researchers' Night 2023

30 September 2023 @ 18:00 0:00

On 29 September 2023, Spotlight Heritage Timisoara is part of the European Researchers' Night 2023 where it has prepared four different locations open to the public: UPT Technical Museum - ExperimentariumTM, Robot Hall (UPT campus, Building D, Vasile Pârvan Blvd.),  The National Museum Of Banat and Nokia Campus.

All locations are open from 18:00 to 24:00, except for the exhibition in the National Museum of Banat, which will be open until 22:00.

During the Digital Festival, visitors will have the opportunity to interact with a complex real-virtual world using state-of-the-art digital technologies that showcase Timisoara's landmarks. They will be taken through the history of 5 historic districts, becoming virtual tourists of the city with the help of virtual reality technology. The public can interact and experience these immersive experiences in all open locations: UPT Technical Museum-ExperimentariumTM, Robot Hall (UPT Campus, Corpus D, Vasile Pârvan Blvd.), National Museum of Banat and Nokia Campus.

In addition to virtual and mixed reality demonstrations, Spotlight Heritage Timisoara will also present a series of digital installations by Romanian and international collaborators, bringing Timisoara's heritage into a new light.

Robot Hall (UPT Campus, D Building, Vasile Pârvan Blvd.) - Art Trail

In the Robot Hall visitors can discover the Bega Canal through a digital installation by Norwegian artist Ingrid Bjørnaali and Romanian artist Marius Jurca. The installation will offer a special experience where users will be able to explore the canal in a completely new way, using state-of-the-art digital technology.

With technology related to mapping and capturing anthropocentric monuments and sites, the two artists brought to life 3D scans frozen in time by animating the resulting virtual Bega Echoes/ Bega Echoes.

At the same time, through virtual reality work Bega Canal Heritage by UPT students, participants will have the opportunity to discover people's stories and information about the biosphere around the Bega Canal using state-of-the-art digital technologies, accompanied by the lyrics of poet Robert Serban to create an unforgettable atmosphere.

 UPT Technical Museum - ExperimentariumTM - Science Trail

The UPT Technical Museum comes to life and brings to the public a series of unique digital installations by artists, collaborators and UPT students and professors for Timisoara!

Visitors can discover Timisoara through various Spotlight Heritage XR demonstrations, represented by interactive installations that combine images and documented stories in an innovative presentation structure. This juxtaposes printed visuals with interactive spaces through a variety of technologies, including touch screens, mobile apps, virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR), and mixed-use (XR).

Patterns of poetry is another digital installation for the public to enjoy. Made by artist Marius Jurca (13m10j), this is an interactive installation with custom software through which the city of Timisoara is discovered through poetry and colour! This installation is an interactive project based on poems created by writer Robert Șerban, under the title "Poems about Miss Timisoara", part of the Heritage in the Spotlight project.

The Museum will also house the installation Physic AI Garden. This installation based on Artificial Intelligence is realized by Anna Dumitru and Alex May, in collaboration with the CAPABLE project and Revolution BioArt organized by the Romanian Science Festival. The installation offers a unique interactive experience for participants. Using the latest digital technologies, it presents a dynamic virtual garden, where virtual plants and fungi grow and interact with each other and how different drugs can affect organic organisms and influence their development.

Credit: Anna Dumitriu and Alex May in collaboration with the CAPABLE Project. The CAPABLE project received funding from the European Union's Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement no. 875052. Materials: Computer generated video. Year: 2023.

National Museum of Banat - "Patrimony Under Reflectors - Parallel Lights Exhibition", until 22:00

Also on the evening of 29 September, at the National Museum of Banat, in the B2 attic of the Maria Theresia Bastion, visitors are invited to take a trip back in time and discover the stories of the past and of the city.

This is the last chance for them to visit the exhibition "Heritage Under the Spotlight - Parallel Lights", being a unique opportunity to discover Timisoara's history and culture through technology. Visitors will be taken through the history of 5 emblematic neighbourhoods, through a baroque key: the allegory of the senses, presenting sequences of daily life in Iosefin (2019), Elisabetin (2020), Fabric (2021), Cetate (2022) and Giroc (2023), a dormitory neighbourhood from the socialist period.

This is the latest Spotlight Heritage Timisoara exhibition, the participants in the  two rounds for evening of 29 September at 18:00 and 21:00. They will also discover various installations using augmented, virtual and mobile reality technologies to discover the stories behind the exhibits or the various locations in Timisoara, they will be able to interact with the immersive visual and auditory installations.

Nokia Campus

Spotlight Heritage Timisoara is also present at Nokia Campus, from 18:00 to 23:00, where it will present virtual and mixed reality demonstrations. Visitors will become virtual tourists of the city and will discover Timisoara's history, culture and heritage through new alternative methods.

All installations, locations and events are integrated into the International Digital Culture Festival with XR demonstrations, part of the European Researchers' Night event, alongside Open Campus Night, organized and supported by Campus Creativ UPT, which invites the Timisoara public to discover the university campus of Politehnica Timisoara University in a different way.

Don't miss the opportunity to discover all these installations through which Timisoara's stories are told in a unique way, using cutting-edge digital technologies. On 29 September 2023 see you at UPT Technical Museum, Robot Hall (UPT Campus, D Building, Vasile Pârvan Blvd.), National Museum of Banat and Nokia Campus, from 18:00 - 24:00 (until 22:00 at the National Museum of Banat) to an evening full of innovative digital interactions, where the past meets the present.

The digital components of the project are accessible online at https://spotlight-timisoara.eu/ and via mobile apps that can be downloaded from Android and Apple stores or by searching "Spotlight Heritage Timisoara".

Event information is also available on:

13m10j (Marius Jurca - b. 2 November, 1984), is a new media artist from Timisoara concerned with the connections between art, science and technology. He uses numbers, codes, sounds and algorithms to capture the complexity of personal mental flow and to translate users' activity into three-dimensional virtual objects. His projects are presented as interactive applications or programs, created in direct relation to the technical specifications of the hardware devices on which they are displayed. https://www.13m10j.art/

Ingrid Bjørnaali is a multidisciplinary artist from Kristiansand, living in Oslo, with a concern for capturing specific biotopes using digital technology. She explores the processes of learning and interpretation of the environment and species in a scientific and technological approach using photometry and satellite imagery. A graduate of the National Academy of Fine Arts in Oslo (2021) with a background studying in Helsinki, she has exhibited internationally in countries such as Norway, Finland, Croatia, Canada and Malta, including online biennials. Her work explores the influence of ubiquitous digital technology on our perception of the world and its difficulty in capturing the complexity of matter. https://www.ingridkbjornaali.com/

Physic AI Garden - CreditThe CAPABLE project has received funding from the European Union's Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement no. 875052. Materials: Computer generated video. Year: 2023

The event is part of the Spotlight Heritage Timișoara digital cultural initiative, part of the Cultural Programme Timișoara 2023 European Capital of Culture and is co-funded by EEA and Norway Grants.

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