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Circumeuropa Sail Europe Around 2023 (SEA 2023) - the first sea-river expedition of a Romanian crew around Europe

18 July 2023 All day

Circumeuropa, the first sea-river expedition of a Romanian crew around Europe, opened new cultural and scientific horizons on the occasion of Timisoara Cultural Capital 2023. The expedition is a remarkable initiative that promotes Timisoara as a Cultural Capital and the story of the city within the European communities.

With a route that crosses 5 rivers, 4 seas, an ocean and 5 straits by boat, crossing former and current Cultural Capitals, the Circumeuropa SEA 2023 expedition becomes the ideal abasador of Timișoara's stories and cultures. Taking Romanian traditions across borders in an exceptional event, the initiative represents a remarkable cultural and scientific journey, promoting intercultural dialogue and mutual understanding between European countries and communities.

As part of the project, Spotlight Heritage Timisoara played a key role in promoting Timisoara's culture and heritage around Europe, using digital technologies and virtual reality. This innovation allowed the public and people from every country visited to discover the history and beauty of Timișoara, even from a distance. 

Different people from different cultures and countries were able to experience and feel first hand the stories and culture of our city. They had immersive experiences that took Timisoara beyond physical boundaries, but also beyond the boundaries of time, telling the story of the people of the city on the Bega, of the buildings, history and heritage, all gathered in applications made by students and professors of the Politehnica University of Timisoara. A few clicks away and without much effort, Timișoara also had virtual tourists, allowing them to internalize the city's digital stories.

Through this initiative, the Spotlight Heritage Timisoara project and the city itself continues to inspire and connect people from all over Europe, consolidating itself as a true cultural capital in the age of digitisation.

Spotlight Heritage Timișoara / Patrimoniul sub reflectoare e is a digital cultural initiative of the Politehnica University of Timișoara, realized in partnership with the National Museum of Banat, part of the Cultural Programme Timișoara 2023 European Capital of Culture. Cultural project co-financed by the Center for Projects of the Municipality of Timișoara, Timiș County Council, Romania.